About DDSB

Welcome to Nanjing DongnanDaxue Self-Balance (DDSB) Pile Test Co., Ltd..

Originated from Southeast University (DongnanDaxue), DDSB has a team of experts in geotechnical engineering, including Professors, PH.D.s, experienced engineers and skilled workers.

As developed by Prof. Gong Weiming, DDSB’s self-balance static load test (also known as O-cell load test or bi-directional static load test) has been used in pile testing since 1996.

In China, DDSB’s self-balance static load test has been used in a large number of major infrastructure projects, such as high-rise buildings, long span bridges, high-speed rails, subways, harbors and wind turbines, et al.

In worldwide, DDSB’s self-balance static load test has been used in construction projects in over 10 countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Maldives, Angola, Sudan, Mozambique, et al.



Load cell (jacks)

The load cell (jacks) is a specialized pressure cell that is…

Rebar strain meter

The rebar strain meters are used for the purpose of measuring…

Featured projects

DDSB has accomplished many deep foundation testings in major projects worldwide.

Diaphragm wall (Barrette): 314 MN, 1.2*6*32 m, Nanjing Jinmao Square Phase II, 2014

Drilled shafts: 289 MN, 3.2*44 m, China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, 2016

Caisson: 180 MN, 6.0*48 m, Ma’anshan Yangtze River Bridge, 2008

Steel pipe pile: 44 MN, 2.0*110.5 m, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Bridge, 2017